UR44 Loopback - How to get it working

Could someone please explain how to use the loopback function correctly on Windows 10.

The manual is very vague as to what the loopback inputs are in the DAW

Here’s my setup and use case:
Ableton Live project that has UR44 inputs 1-6 set up as tracks with VST FX on them.
Also have Bass, Drum, and Piano VSTi’s as other tracks.

The ouput of the DAW with all the above processed UR44 inputs + FX combined with VSTi’s is currently output to UR44 main outputs and monitored via the DAW channel in the UR44 mixer.

However, I am using Open Broadcaster Studio to record videos of the Ableton Project while playing live combined with webcam input of me playing, so also need to record the mix as an audio output in OBS.
Unfortunately you can’t pick up the hardware outputs of the UR44 or the headphone mix, so you need either a loopback or feed it to a virtual mixer.

I can’t figure it out as there is not enough info in the manual. How do I route audio to do all this on one computer?



I have to say I feel your pain, the idea of the loopback in theory as I understand it, is when its enabled, you should be able to record the computers audio that is any audio that is being played through your system, in the ur44 its enabled on inputs 5 and 6, well that’s the theory, but if your experience is like mine, you will enable the loopback feature , set up tracks to record inputs 5 and 6, only to find nothing happens.

Hi Andy,
Thanks for the reply.

Where does it say it’s enabled on inputs 5 & 6?

That’s what’s confusing the hell out of me!

Hi sonicviz.

I also use OBS software to capture on screen videos.
I have it set up like this: Windows default playback and recording device-built in soundcard (Realtek in my case).
OBS audio input-default.
UR Dspmix-loopback on.

This way I can record audio from daw and inputs 3,4,5,6.
Whenever I try to use inputs 1,2 with the loopback on, I get a feedback loop. So I don’t use them.

Not sure if this is a correct way how to use it though.

Hi Miso,
Thanks for your input.

Yes, I get wicked feedback as I’m using inputs 1,3,and 4 for Vocal mix, harmonica mic, and guitar respectively.
The manual is vague as hell, does not specify exactly what happens with loopback and which channels are which or how to use it properly with different DAWS.

Yes, it looks like the loopback channels are 1 & 2 which means I can’t use my XLR mic input when using loopback.
Well, I can but I lose some devices as input.

I don’t know how I can be so dumb sometimes, anyway I started experimenting and what I have found is, the loopback is enabled on inputs 1 and 2, not 5 and 6 like I thought, 1 and 2 being left and right or stereo if combined. if you set up in devices - vst connections, an input stereo bus and assign it to inputs 1 and 2, and then in project window set up a stereo audio track with that stereo bus you assigned to inputs 1 and 2, hit record and if some audio on your computer system is playing it will record, now the ur44 has 6 inputs 2 of them being line inputs, for my test I unplugged all my mics and guitars, so I didn’t test the effect of having channels 1 and 2 also having gear plugged in to see any feed back effect, but if you use any of the other channels say 3 4 5 or 6 it appears there is no conflict.

sonicviz, all 4 of my front inputs are combination XLR and standard jack combo inputs, am I missing something where you cant use inputs 3 and 4 for you XLR inputs

it does appear for sure that the loopback uses up 2 input channels as resources, so if one cant use the line ins for things like guitars and mics, and you have need of 3 input sources like you said with 2 mics and a guitar, I don’t see the ur44 as having the input capacity you would need.

Sure, all 4 front are XLR.

I finally got it working from Live to OBS but as suspected it Loopbacks to channels 1 & 2.

Sometimes I use channels 5 & 6 for an RT223 Rhythm box input (Bass/Drums) which means I’m limited to one mic if I do that (reconfiguring my jack plug harp mic usually on Ch 3 to ch 5 and switch vocal usually on Ch 1 XLR to ch 3 XLR ) .

I suspect Steinberg/Yamaha are using Ch 1 & 2 because that’s what shows up in Windows. It seems to only allow one stereo input on windows when you are accessing Line UR44 input from a none Asio app.

I’m glad sonicviz you got something going, hopefully closer to your satisfaction. But while this discussion of the UR44 is active I want to take this opportunity to say I feel the resources and documentation for the unit could use some improvement. I bought the UR44 on the basis of it being a Steinberg product so I believed the integration with Cubase would be very good. but if you try to find more through explanations of recording with the unit you will be very underwhelmed. for example the morphing compressor, which I have found to be very good in a lot of applications, but getting the info on it, well not much out there, even on the Steinberg site. Anyway, just for wishes sake, I wish there was much more product use information available.

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Hi There
I need some of your advice users. Basically I am using Cubase 10 and UR28M. My plan is to create some Cubase tutorial using OBS Studio.
I have activated loopback function but I can’t figure out how to get Cubase output and my microphone to work together so I can successfully create tuts.
I am so frustrated as I cannot reach a final solution.

Is there anyone here able to help me out?

Thank you