UR44: Loopback not tied to Inputs 1&2

Hi there

Is it possible to use Loopback to record your system’s output and NOT have the output tied to Microphone 1 & 2? The end goal is to enable live streaming of audio production, similar to Jacob Collier’s live videos - he’s able to use the microphone both to talk and to record vocals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEHoeaA-NjU&t=1033s

I use a UR242 and the way Loopback works for this device is that your Mic Inputs 1&2 are always tied to the Loopback output.

In the attached image you can see two instrument tracks playing and an Audio Track (input = Mic 1) receiving the audio from those tracks due to Loopback being enabled. I’m looking to see if the UR44 can use Loopback to avoid this issue.

I know Loopback works differently with the UR44; my understanding from the manual is that instead of Mic Inputs 1&2 being mixed into the system output, it sets Mix 1 to be mixed into the system output (leaving you with Mix 2 to be different). However, I don’t know if this works as I think it does.

The main question - can I use a UR44 (/device with more advanced Loopback integration) to be able to record from a microphone, with loopback enabled, without the system audio (i.e. the backing you’re recording over) being mixed into that audio.



The UR44 works the same way.

The only difference is that you have more inputs so you can use input 3 or 4 for the microphone.

Perfect! Thanks @Misohoza!