UR44 + Macbook + Garage Band = problems

Hello. I am a newbie.

Today I bought a Steinberg UR44 and some mics as a podcasting upgrade.

I have a few problems connecting the UR44 to my Macbook Air.

First, it doesn’t work unless the “CC Mode” switch is ON. I thought it could be OFF when connecting to a computer.

Second, when I do connect (with CC Mode ON) things start off ok. “Steinberg UR44” appears in the Input list in System Preferneces Preferences > Sound, and also in Audio Midi Setup. BUT, as soon as a open Garage Band, the Steinberg UR44 DISAPPEARS from the Sound input list (and Audio Midi Setup)! At this point I cannot select the UR44 as an input because the system doesn’t see it any more. I don’t understand why this happens.

In summary, the system “sees” the UR44 after I plug it in. But as soon as I open Garage Band (or the Cubase software), it no longer is visible from Mac as an input, and visually disappears from the Input list in System Preferneces Preferences > Sound.

Does anyone know what’s going on?

I have the UR242 and just plugged it into my new Macbook Air 2017 running Sierra and it’s doing the same thing. It’s driving me nuts, it works on my PC just fine but not my Macbook. Hopefully someone can fix this issue.

Just have to ask and sorry if this seems like a stupid question but, did you install the latest TOOLS_for__V213_MAC before plugging in your devices?

You should see on Launchpad a) Yamaha Steinberg Control Panel b) dspMixFx for your version of interface.
You should also see your interface listed in Audio MIDI Setup under Utilities.

I personally have yes and didn’t see anything except an error stating it doesn’t work with Sierra

Did anyone can fix this problem. I have a Macbook pro 2018 and UR242 and i have exactly this problem. I use mojave 10.14 and installed every single software needed. Pls help!!

I used uR RT2, after update the iOS Catalina, garage band can’t find URrt2, anyone can help?

Had the same problem with UR22C. Uninstalling Steinberg software fixed it.