UR44 monitors on the left side of my headphone while directly monitoring from audio interface

For some reason, when I plug my MXL 990 XLR cable into channels 1 and 2. it monitors over an already monitored audio into the left side of my headphone, when it’s channel 2, it’s the right side. I get that it shows that the microphone works on my PC, and the driver recognizes the 2 channels. But it gets annoying hearing a louder voice on one side of my ear, how do I turn it off? I tried DspMixFX UR44, nothing works. Also I don’t own cubase AI, I bought a used UR44.

I have to use a virtual audio interface to actually use ASIO channel 3 and 4 where this problem doesn’t occcur.

Hi @maxwiney, welcome to the Steinberg forums.

When you say “monitors over an already monitored audio”, what do you mean exactly?

Have you set the “Pan” to central in the DspMixFX mixer?

The actual direct monitoring output in two ears, the unwanted monitoring which is more noticeable, I assume is from the PC’s UR44 USB driver only have one on my left years. This means there are two sounds coming from left ear, while there is one from the right. all the pan are set to C.
Here’s the image for when I use channel 1. There’s a meter where only the left side gets a respond.

I can’t upload another image, but if I use channel 3. The same meter, both sides get an output.

I won’t be able to check with my setup for a few days, so unable to get in to the nitty gritty right now. Sorry.

Are you using the UR44 with any software?

Have you checked in the DspMixFX settings page, to see if there might be a routing issue?

Have you installed the latest drivers for the UR44? UR44 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

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Thank you for the reply, I have updated to the latest version, I believe the latest one is version 2.0.4 ?

I read the operation manual, though I skimped a lot. Is it the same asthe DspMixFX setting page?

Hi maxwiney.

Had a look in the UR44 Operation Manual and it looks like the DspMixFX has a different settings layout to the DspMixFX for the UR824, so I don’t know where to go from there.

On the image you provided, yes, we can see that you’re getting signal on the DAW channel (left side), have you tried turning this all the way down?

Where is the signal from the UR44 going? Is it through the system or through a software program?

If it’s through a software program, check the setup there and make sure the input for the microphone is in mono.

If it’s through the system, What I would suggest if you haven’t already, is to check your system sound settings and make sure the UR44 is set as default device.

Incidently the latest SYUSB driver is 2.1.6

Hi Prim_69, I don’t know I got a DAW channel because my DAW is supposed to be closed. Anyway thanks! I installed the update and somehow I don’t get sound, this DAW channel no longer has any sound on it. I guess it is fixed for now, and I didn’t have to do anything else. Much appreciated.

I got my 2.0.4 USB driver from the steinberg website:


I guess it doesn’t include the latest USB driver?

Hi maxwiney.

Glad to read it’s finally doing as you expect, great stuff.

Yes, the YSUSB driver is usually updated independently.