UR44 - Multiple Applications + Loopback

I want to run a standalone audio synth that does not have a vst counter part and route midi from my DAW into the standalone synth, and audio from the standalone synth to the loopback of the UR44.

My DAW would be accessing the device as ASIO and I presume I couldn’t also use ASIO for the UR44 in the standalone synth. Is it possible to use WASAPI or DirectSound in the standalone synth in conjunction with LoopBack to record and monitor the audio in my DAW? I know I can use loopMIDI to route my midi data from the DAW into the standalone as I already have that working. I understand that the first and second inputs are used when using LoopBack but I believe I can use input 3 and 4 for a HI-Z guitar input and an XLR mic that uses phantom power. I also do some web broad casting and need to be able to route audio from Chrome into my DAW, how does that work?

My decision to purchase this hinges on the ability to do this.