UR44 needs a new driver

Was trying to contact Steinberg directly but it keeps redirecting me to distributors.

Just wanted to let the company know that the UR44 needs a new osx / mac driver. I recognize the issue, cracking and popping and jumpy CPU bar in Ableton, and overheating. Seems to come up more when the puter has been on awhile (few days, sleep mode etc) and ableton has been open.

Been about 2 years since the last driver, so this is pretty normal for a mac. Update always fixes it.

Bit of a drag because just working with some new plugs I purchased this month.

Great little Audio Interface though, still chugging along.

If someone from the company can let me know they got the message and it’s being worked on.

Thanks for helping out.


I meant to attach my specs, but i guess i cant upload a graphic,

OS X Siera 10.12.6

i7 2,93

16 G ram

ok, so i saw they have a new driver but didnt update the software this time like normal…will be trying it this weekend.


is there any company support in here or only users? seems like someone from the company should be responding is they appreciate their customers.

Update: this USB driver seemed to fix it for awhile, but now a few weeks later on an up to date iMac was in sleep mode for awhile, getting cracks and pops in Ableton 10 again after waking up the computer and restart the evening before. This never happened for a long time previously. Looks like the drivers still haven’t been updated in a year or two. https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/downloads_hardware/downloads_ur44.html

Is there no support / Steinberg people around here?

New driver a few weeks ago…

You’re asking for trouble using sleep mode - a lot of drivers are buggy coming out of hibernation, shut the computer down when you’re not using it - also turn all power saving frills off; To avoid clicks/pops etc. DAW computers should really be run at at maximum speed.

jasian - thanks…the mac usb driver was updated in september and i updated it already, work a bit better, but after some time it starts to be the same.

PeppaPig - i have been using the UR44 for about 4 years now, sleep mode and everything (even up to a week!!..nice thing about macs). i7 with and SSD drive, so super fast, even for an older iMac. everytime i started getting pops in the past i just came to steinberg and there was an update that fixed it 100% (and yes, even with sleep mode…and always installed as directed)…so this is the first time i came and there was no update. i’ve been a computer power user for 20 years. so thats why i am here, because there is no update! :slight_smile: …if only the message could get to steinberg somehow (thought it could in here, little surprising they don’t have a peek in here once in awhile)…maybe i will have to call them. email would be easier though.

I’m a happy user of a UR44, on Mac. My only concern it that by September of this year, at least, we need to have a new driver and software. Apple has stated many times that the 32bit support will end and I really hope Steinberg to be developing its 64bit driver and software already.
It’s about time to move on guys.

You can have that permanent if you want, it’s easier for others to help if you have it there… To add it just look to the top right where it says your name, then click:

Name -> User Control Panel -> Profile -> Edit signature

then add the info about your OS, Audio Interface and DAW (or whatever you find is good info for others).

Yeah, I also agree to what others Before my replied with… Just shut down the Mac whenever you don’t use it for longer period of times, etc. Computers never works good when combing back after long period of “sleep”… Better to shut it down and restart it instead…

/Regards, Robin

I think you are confusing 64 bit sampling with 64 bit Operating System architecture… The UR is 64 bit OS compatible (and always has been, I think?).

No, I’m not confusing anything, just check your application’s list. Go to System Profile > Applications and you will see that it’s 32 bits.

Sorry, I am using Windows which is all 64 bit. Wierd if Mac isn’t.

Oh sorry, I feel bad for you and wish you luck.
I was hoping to get some professional feedback here… is this a place where Steinberg guys participate in or just a mere users community?!

No, don’t feel sorry…
What I mean is that the Windows drivers and tools for the UR are available in 64 bit so everything is good. No need to feel bad. :smiley: It is strange if there aren’t 64 bit drivers available for Mac, especially considering 32 bit plug-in support in Cubase ended.
Some Steinberg employees and moderators will occasionally reply to topics but, mostly, this is a user driven forum. If you want official support, submit a support request via “MySteinberg”.

The mac driver is 64 bit. Maybe you talk about the dsp mix app?

Yes, I was talking about the DSPmix app, that also handles the driver… I miss the driverless things!

Yeah, I’ve been looking on the Steinberg support page for the UR44 compatibility with Mojave, and it still says testing - the support page was last updated late November 2018.
Put a ticket into support and they said a driver update would be ready late Feb. to mid-March 2019 - but no change to the hardware support page as of Mar. 25, 2019.
I would think this would be affecting sales by now - and this is from another thread in the forum:

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Re: ur44 worth buying in 2019?
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Regarding Mac OS, full Mojave compatibility is still “Testing”, and the last time the Steinberg page was updated was almost 4 months ago, when Mojave was released in September, and the first beta was available on July. I would not advise to buy something that is not fully compatible, just because it shows how Steinberg prioritize this particular device.
MBP 2018 15" 32Gb RAM 2Tb SSD - Mojave 10.14.3 - Steinberg UR44 -

On the dspMixFx app, now, when I check for updates it gives an Internet Connection error. Is this also happening to you guys?

Same here

Also getting that error here and I am on Windows so it is probably an issue with the website where the updates are stored.