UR44 New issue - updated Windows 10

Folks - this morning, Microsoft pushed new updates on all my computers, and one by one they are no longer able to communicate with my UR44. The systems can no longer “see” the USB device - at all.

I have tried connecting the unit directly to one PC, but it no longer recognizes the driver. I have tried uninstalling the driver, but when I plug the UR44 back in, it recognizes it, asks to load the driver, I do and then it disappears.

Any ideas on where to start? I can’t even get to the firmware because it refuses to see the UR44 via the Yamaha driver. Pretty sure I have the latest firmware, and I know I have the 1.9.9 USB driver.

TIA for the help.


Update - seems to be ONLY on machines where there is NVIDIA graphics cards and NVIDIA HDMI audio. Looking now to see if I can roll back the audio driver versions.

Did anyone ever find a solution to this issue?

I’m having a problem where the Windows will not play any audio files outside of the UR44 when the UR44 is on. iTunes or Windows media will not work.

Driver conflict?


I also have that problem with my ur44. The computer won’t recognize it anymore. Still haven’t found a solution.