UR44 Only Breaks out Channel 1 and 2?

Yesterday I went to Guitar Center in Colorado to get an audio interface so I can record a choir. I need at least 2 mics and a board feed to record the full sound.

The Guitar Center sales guy sold me a Steinberg UR 44, and said when when I bought this that I could map all 4 channels of the UR 44 to 4 separate channels in my DAW. I m using Adobe Audition, and I can map the first 2 channels, but the third comes in as an ambient sound that goes across channels.

I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong, or if I can only map the UR 44 to 2 channels. When I’m in a multitrack session in Audition, I only see 2 UR 44 channels to pick from to map to each track.

Should this even be possible with the UR 44?