UR44 only outputs microphones 1 and 2's audio, not 3 or 4

Hi, I’m no audio guru but I do enjoy recording footage using an elgato and using my UR44 to capture the microphone audio to dub it.
My problem is this, whenever I input a third microphone on the front panel for elgato to pick up, it does not register the sound.
So I went deeper down the rabbit hole and found that windows also doesn’t recognize the third or fourth microphone. When opening the UR44 software with the mixing table, I’m very clearly getting audio from all 4 microphone channels, but it seems to only output microphone’s 1 and 2 via USB. There were claims that you could install a plugin to fix this issue, but it requires so much convoluted coding and plugin tampering that there is no way I could possibly do it alone and correct. Please help, I would greatly appreciate it