UR44 Phantom Power Over TRS?

I currently have every input on my UR44 filled except for input #2 on the front. I would like to connect my Moog Little Phatty to it with a TRS cable, but I have an AT2020 connected to input #1, which requires phantom power.

Does the UR44 supply phantom power to TRS connections and should I avoid connecting the Moog to that input due to my need for phantom power on input 1?

Thank you for any wisdom you may offer me.

As far as I understand it, phantom power requires a balanced connection such as XLR or TRS. It seems to me that if you connect your Moog using a TRS cable to an input with Phantom Power enabled, you are putting the Moog at risk.
Personally, I wouldn’t just because that +48v is present and active.
A possible route to investigate is an external Phantom Power device. That way you could switch off the Phantom Power on the UR44 and supply it to the mic separately. I believe that the input +48v is isolated from the output of the device (so you’re not sending that +48v to the input if the UR44) but I would check the specifications of any device you consider, if you go down this route that is.
Hope that’s of some help.
Stevo… :smiley:

The Phantom power is applied over the XLR connection only and not over the TRS. Plugging the KBD into input 2 and a Mic into input 1 should pose no danger to the KBD when Phantom power is switched on. I’m not familiar with output of the Moog, but if it does not put out a balanced signal then there is no reason to use a TRS cable, a TS will do as the input is mono.
Keep an ear open though as some have mentioned having a background noise on the TS channel when Phantom power is being used, never personally had this problem and if your line signal is good you shouldn’t.