UR44 + Pod farm 2.5 Standalone issue

Hey guys! I’ve just treated myself with better gear for the new year and invested in the UR44. Everything works like a charm and most of all sounds great except on the standalone version of the Pod Farm 2.5 software while it sounds great through the DAW (Live) with podfarm plugin.
Can’t figure out why but in the standalone my guitar sounds like I’m plugged in my parents old 80s HIFI amp.
Did I miss something?

Thanks for your help!
Cheers! and wish you all the best for this year.

I realized I could be more specific. ^^’
I’m using Mac OSX 10.6.8
and here are some hardware details:

On both pics up there, it says the input and output volumes can’t be set on the selected device.

(Entrée: Input - Sortie: Output)

Steinberg mixer:

Hardware setting on Pod Farm standalone:

I notice the gains on your Steinberg Mixer app are all down, try turning them up - at least for the channel your inputting to.
You don’t give any wiring or routing info - I assume your monitors are plugged into the UR.

Yeah I tweaked everything I could with no satisfying result.
The weird part is that it sounds just perfectly in my DAW. (or I did miss something)
Don’t know if it’s relevant but here’s how the whole thing is wired:

Please describe your signal chain, the pictures don’t show whats plugged into what. I would assume your guitar is plugged into the UX2, but I see no connection from your UX2 analog outs to your UR analog inputs: in fact I see no connection between the UX2 and the UR. There is something plugged into the URs In 1, but it’s not clear what it is.
I must ask though, why don’t you just plug the monitors directly into the UX2 and only use the UR when recording into the DAW?

The guitar is plugged in the MIC/HZ input 1. (and you can see the headphones plugged as well)
The UR44 main output L/R is linked to Speakers Line input L/R.
The UX2 is still plugged in my mac for testing purpose. I can totally us the UX2 inputs with the UR44 outputs. But my goal is to use the UR44 only.

OK, I wasn’t sure if you needed the UX2.
On the Audio Midi setup Output you have 6 channel 24 bit selected, but the UR44 only has 4 outs. Could there be an error here perhaps? Is Pod farm 24 bit? Try with 2 channel and 16 bit. What Buffer size is your CoreAudio set.
See also the Op Manual on page 10 (or thereabouts - not sure in the French version)

Thanks for your help BriHar.
I checked the Audio Midi Setup and I have no other options (in or out) but the 6 channel 24 bits. There’s no such options on the Podfarm standalone as selecting 24 or 16 bits. I can do that in the DAW I’m using though, and it’s still sounds better (like properly processed) in both case. The buffer is at minimum. But all it changes when I tweak the level is the latency. It really sounds like the standalone Podfarm doesn’t process the sound properly. I wish I could record samples of the standalone and the DAW.
I also read the manual and tweaked everything I could in the DspMixFx_UR44 with no positive result.

I don’t know that I can help any further.
I’m not familiar enough with the Mac Core audio to offer any further insights in this respect.
I use a Variax into a POD XT Live and PODFarm is on an older XP Laptop into which the POD is plugged. In this configuration PODFarm is only a GUI, the POD XT does all the processing and outputs (analog line) into my UR.

Have you posted this problem on the Line 6 forums?
Perhaps a Service request over your MySteinberg account is in order.