UR44 + Pod Farm

Hi everyone :smiley:

First time buying an audio interface for my new PC, but I just need some clarification about what I am trying to achieve and whether or not the UR44 is suitable.

I want to:

  • Listen to audio (music, movies, etc.),
  • Attach an xlr microphone to stream on Twitch and record YouTube videos,
  • Use real time voice effects when streaming/recording (reverb, distortion, etc.),
  • Use zero (low) latency monitoring to hear myself as the audience would hear me (with effects).

From what I’ve seen, a majority of people tend to go for the Line 6 Pod UX2 with the Pod Farm 2 software included, but I’m not too convinced about the quality of Line 6’s hardware. Steinberg’s hardware just seems to be really high quality and a solid build.

So what’s my best option?

  1. Buy a UR44, hope that I can replicate the voice effects of Pod Farm using DSPMixFX and save settings (scenes?) to quickly change voice effects when needed?
  2. Buy a UR44, buy the Pod Farm software to use with the UR44 (expensive and might cause latency issues?); or
  3. Just but a Line 6 UX2 with Pod Farm included and save the trouble?

Also, do I need the UR44 with the loopback feature to be able to live stream audio effects and monitor the audio effects, or will a UR22 be enough? Is loopback more for music over the top of vocals or something?

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

The Pod will give you a lot more versatility than the Amp sims included with the UR. The UR hardware is somewhat better spec’d and a tad more versatile then the UX2. Think about your likely future needs. Loopback, again, will increase your versatility - forget the UR22.

Thanks for thr reply! :slight_smile:

Okay, UR22 = forgotten.

So I should buy the UR44, and if I need the versatility of Pod Farm, buy it to use as a plugin.

As long as you can tell me I can use the Pod Farm software with the UR44 without issue (latency etc), I’ll buy the UR44 :slight_smile:

I’m new so I just need the confirmation to be certain I’m understanding what I’m buying will enable me to do what I want.

I’ve used PodFarm in conjunction with a POD Live XT into Cubase and using a UR28M as interface with no problems, I’ve also used it in conjunction with other Interfaces on a Laptop with no Problems, but never explicitly with a UR44. I’ll definitely be trying this at some point, as I’m now using a UR44 on my Laptop, but I can’t imagine why there would be any problem.


Well if it works with the UR28M then it should be fine with UR44.

Thanks for your help, looks like i’ll be buying a UR44 :slight_smile: