UR44 Potential WDM Driver problem (Audio blackouts in OBS)

Before I explain the issue, allow me to say that I’ve already done a RMA to get the unit fixed by Steinberg/Yamaha, and everything is up to date on the device (firmware 2.1.1, driver 1.9.2). The Windows 8.1 install that is running is brand-spanking-new, and I’ve encountered this issue on every computer I’ve tested the device on (Intel, AMD, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, basically every permutation at my disposal).

I am having massive audio blackouts while using any streaming software. Open Broadcaster or XSplit, either one has this issue. This applies to just previewing the stream, local recording, or live streaming. Using the Steinberg UR44 as the primary audio device during these instances causes audio blackouts sporadically (once or twice a second) while the game and computer runs normally otherwise. These audio blackouts happen to anything that is coming through the UR44, and also show up on the recorded files.

I’ve linked a youtube upload showcasing the problem. Recordings and broadcasts made using the UR44 are basically unusable.


What’s indicating a driver issue is that my old Focusrite Saffire 6 USB 1.1 device, which is nearly half a decade old, can do OBS and game streaming just fine. Zero problems. I bought the UR44 to replace that, but if there’s no way to fix this problem, looks like I’ll be selling the UR44 instead.