UR44 problems with macOS 12.0.1 Monterey

Hello, i have problems with my UR44 since I installed macOS 12.0.1 Monterey. I updated Tools (2.2.2) and Firmware (2.12-2) and Driver (3.1.1) recently. The download page does not mention Version 12 of macOS, it stops at 11. Might the problem be that 12 is not yet supported?
The Hardware together with tool looks like it’s working fine, I can hear and see in Tools incoming sound passing through my UR44 to the speakers.
Problems that occure:
I can see and connect UR44 to an Ableton Live Audiotrack but no sound is detected.
Another strange phenomena is that if I switch in my Mac Sound Preferences from Internal Speakes to Steinberg UR44 all players (like Youtube, Spotify, Webradio…) stop playing or freeze.

thanks in advance

The same with fruity loops. Its more than obvious that such obstacles to a simple issue are clearly intended. So its a duty of Steinberg toget in touch with apple and immediately solve that problem. Sure as hell i wont change to a other DAW …on the contrary the firms here involved can but be warned of.