UR44 problems

Hi. Just bought the UR44, running with Ableton 9 but seem to be having a couple of glitches and would appreciate any suggestions. Firstly, the guitar effects do not appear anywhere and the channel strip button does nothing (though I’m not sure what it’s meant to do but seems fairly important according to the manual). Secondly, when I record into ableton, the effects are not being recorded even though I have selected ‘ins eff’ rather than ‘mon eff’. I’m thinking maybe it hasn’t installed properly but if I uninstall it, will I need a new elicence key to re-install? I’m using windows 8.1 and am wondering if this might have something to do with it.



You need to register them and you will get a further activation number. Once everything is installed you definitely need to update the firmware and driver (Steinberg support downloads) to the latest revisions. This is important!
Finally, in order to use the amp sims, you need to turn some of the channel strips off. (See the table near the end of the PDF Manual for the number of instances and combinations you can run).

Thanks for that BriHar - I have registered and used the activation code and updated all drivers. I’m just unsure about using the same activation code if I reinstall but maybe thats not necessary (though I do want to put it on my laptop as well). I noticed that info at the end of the PDF but can’t work out how to turn off channel strip? Nothing happens when I hit the ‘channel strip’ button and i think I’ve explored every avenue, but maybe not - how would I do that?

Thanks again


Set the Effect Insert location to the uppermost position (=Off) (See Control 8 in the Op Manual Pg 16).

That applies to cubase but I’m just using the DSPmixer - the effect insert location here does not have ‘off’ position (page 11). Its a bloody pain but I’m sure it’ll be something simple unless these fx are not available without installing cubase.

Thanks again.

In the DSPMixFx even easier - the on/off button (6) on Pg.12 then simply click on (8) Effect type to select the Amps.

And thats where it falls down as ‘8’ does nothing. I’m assuming this must be back to your first point about turning channel strips off which I can’t work out how to do. I think it must be down to the number of instances and combinations. How does a strip become ‘active’ - is this triggered by plugging an instrument in?

Start with all channels off (6 grey). Make sure the channels are not linked (1).
Now turn one channel on (6 blue) and you should be able to select an amp with the effect type (8).
If this is not the case, then the amp sims have not been properly registered - check your licenses in the E-licenser app.

Thanks for your help BriHar, maybe there is a problem with registration - I’ve tried your suggestion and nothing happens.