UR44 - Recording and Playing Over Speaker at the Same Time won't work

Hey there - let me just start off by saying that I am by no means any kind of audio whiz, and this post is likely going to sound aboslutely amateurish. Me and my friend have been trying this all day and we are at our wit’s end, so we really hope someone here can help.

We are two guys from Denmark with our own podcast. We’ve been lucky enough to be allowed to do a live show at a small theater, and we’re ecstatic. Naturally, we’d like to be able to both record our performance (with a guest) and have it play over the theaters’ speakers at the same time.

Normally when we record, we use a UR44 Steinberg Audio Interface, plugged into a MAC and using GarageBand. Here, we are then able to pick each individual XLR microphone plugged into the front panel as its own track, and it always works swimmingly.

At the theater, they have a wall panel with an XLR port that leads directly into the speaker in the room. So, plugging a Jack-to-XLR cable into the main output on the back and into the XLR in the wall, we are able to get sound from all three microphones to play over the speaker. So far, everything works fine.

The problem comes when we try to do both at the same time.

Whenever the UR44 is plugged into both the wall and has all three mics attached to it, GarageBand absolutely will not register any of the microphones as inputs, although the sound still comes out through the speakers just fine. We can’t even find the actual UR44 on the input list. And we can’t get it to work in any other program either - we’ve tried Audacity and Hidnenburg, and in both cases we can MAYBE get one track that only actually records two of the microphones - one on the left and one on the right, with the third not getting recorded at all (even though that sound can still be heard on the speaker).

By now we are completely baffled, and any help at all would be appreciated - even if it turns out to be more of a GarageBand problem and we should post this on a forum dedicated to that, we appreciate any and all advice anyone here has. Is there some setting we don’t know of?

I think that sounds like you are hearing your monitor buss through the house speakers.

Try adjusting settings in dspMixFX, or in Garage Band. Hard for me to say since I can’t see your whole setup. Maybe someone else will pop in with more specific knowledge.

Maybe you can use the search function on the forum…
we have discussed similar problems related to UR series interfaces every week or so…
On the other threads there should be some information that could help…

Your description doesn’t enable us to provide the right solution since there could be many different problems causing that behavior.