so I have just upgraded from the ur22 to the ur44 and have a quick question about recording guitars as I’m quite stumped. is there away to disable the input sound coming through the speakers when I play? I just want to hear the out put signal coming out through the speakers. at this stage both signals are coming through (the signal from the head and the signal through the vst cab sim once the track is armed for recording). with using the ur22 there was that little dial that enabled you to just run the output signal through the daw or hear the raw signal coming through but I cant seem to see if there is something I’m missing. I am using reaper as my daw also. any wizards help would be awesome!


Mute the input channel in UR DspMix.

This way you won’t hear the direct signal, only the signal coming from your Daw.

awesome sorted it out thanks heaps!!!