UR44, SM58 and Shure A95UF Line Matching Transformer?

A bit confused here as a newbie. . . getting back to music after a couple decades and not sure if there are cases where I’ll need this transformer. When I recorded long ago to a Tascam Porta One 4-track cassette player (rockin’ ol’ skool) I used SM57 and 58’s. It was recommended to use the transformer for vocals to cut possible line noise. And the Porta One didn’t have XLR inputs, only 1/4". I kind of understand why but what I’ve read about impedance has left me more confused. I’m just doing amateur recordings for fun but I’d like the best sound I can get and I’m not sure who/what I might be micing in the future. I’ve got an SM58 a 20 foot cable with XLR and a UR44. Reading the Shure info about the transformer here


it seems like “if” I use the transformer I need to use a cable less than 15 feet? But I think the more important question is, in what instances, if any, would I need to use the transformer in the UR44? It seems I could use it to plug the 58 into a guitar or bass amp but I’d need an XLR to TRRS to plug into my android. So would the 58 need the transformer for any inputs on the UR44?. . . and yep, I still have the Porta One :smiley:

The SM58 and UR44 have a perfect match and you do NOT need the transformer.
The SM58 has a ‘balanced’ output and UR has dito inputs.

Balanced cabling is -kind of- immune for line noise. 50-75 meters of length work fine.
Since the SM is a dynamic microphone you have to switch off phantom power (48V) on the UR

Thank you! Much appreciated.