UR44 sound problem - intermittent silent defect

I just installed UR44, updated drivers and firmware on a Win 7 fast computer, after software&hardware deactivating an M-Audio pci card, which stayed in place. The UR44 has an intermittent silence that last a fraction of a second (about 500 ms) and occurs every four seconds or so. The problem occurs also when testing the sound in the control panel, so is not cubase based. Could it be a hardware defect? The old M-audio pci card was deactivated in hardware devices windows, and it does not show up in the sound control panel. I tested the DPC Latency checker and no particular latency, it looks normal.

Your help is appreciated.

Found another similar problem, and with no resolution yet:

anybody found a solution?


I had the same problem when plugged into usb 3.0.
I plugged the ur44 on usb 2.0 then problem solved. :sunglasses:
I guess there is something wrong with the driver trough usb 3.0 :neutral_face:

I bought the UR44 today and can confirm the exact same thing: drop outs followed by silence about every fourth seconds on USB 3.0 ports, working just fine on USB 2.0 ports.

I searched out the forum just to find this problem. Thanks peeps. Same problem, dropping out on USB 3 ports, problem solved on USB 2 port. Wish the USB 2 port wasn’t so inconveniently located on my laptop.

We searched out there the particular discussion board to uncover this matter. Appreciate it peeps. Similar issue, shedding out on HARDWARE 3 plug-ins, issue sorted out upon HARDWARE 2 vent. Want the particular HARDWARE 2 vent weren’t and so inconveniently on the notebook.