UR44 Stereo Line Out

Hey there,

I have a UR44 running into Ableton and I use it to put stereo delay effects on my midi keyboard and guitar.

My monitoring system is a Logitech Speaker system plugged into the UR44 via a TRS Quarter Inch to 3.5mm adapter.

If I plug in through a headphone jack, I get a stereo signal, but if I plug in through Line Output 1 or 2 I get a mono signal.

Is it possible to get a stereo signal through Line Output 1 or 2?

I’d like to be able to have headphones and Line Output all going at the same time!

Why don’t you plugin the speakers in Main Output on the back of the UR44?
You should be able to hear sound coming from both your speakers as well as a headphone when plugged in.

As for stereo. Your gitar will always be a mono signal and your piano in essence as well. Unless (!) you use the MIDI keyboard to run through a VST which is running a stereo created sound (for instance an evolving pad’s sound panning from L to R).

Either way the same applies for Line Output 1 and 2. Also look at your settings in dpsMixfx.