UR44 - Volume at zero still can hear sound


I got my UR44 recently but I have this strange issue while running it on imac. When playing sound just via itunes or vlc or daw all seems fine, then I turn the volume all the way down on all outs however I can hear the sound coming out of speakers and both headphone channels. It’s very very quiet but it is present. Any reason why turning volume all the way down doesn’t do it’s job? Could it be drivers issue?


I have the same issue, there is sound even at zero on my Mac on all outputs.

Similar in the UR28M: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=157&t=59280&p=357823#p357823

“Could use the -20dB pad button to compensate if it’s audible.”


I have this problem too. Quite annoying, I would say. Lowering the input level on the monitors by -6dB helped a bit, but I can still hear sound. I use Cubase Pro 8.5, by the way.

Any solution to this yet? I am guessing it’s a software issue? Happens on all channels so I assume software/driver is controlling it or not mapping correctly to volume level on Mac. I went back to the seller they had no idea how to fix it happens on other units too.

it’s hardware issue, occurs in all UR line, personally met problem in ur44 and ur28m, in last one problem can be solved by MUTE button