UR44 Win10 Pro 64-bit no sound problem


I’m trying to use my UR44 as my main soundcard in win10 pro. But I can’t get any sound output.

I have disabled both my onboard soundcard (Realtek High Definition Audio) and the monitor-speakers (Nvidia High Definition Audio (HDMI cabel connected from Geforce GTX 580 to my monitor)).

Windows can see my UR44 and windows says everything is installed/working correct.

When I try to push the “test” button in the control panel for sound, I can see that it works, their is a sound being played, but nothing comes out of my speakers.

I have also tried to use my headphones on the UR44, but no output.

All worked fine when I used win7 Pro.
But after I installed Win10 Pro, there is no output sound in my speakers.

In sound settings, it says input = Line - Steinberg UR44, Output = Line - Steinberg UR44.

My setup is: From normal USB 2.0 to my UR44, and from the UR44 I have connected 2 KRK Rokit speakers from the UR44 main output. CC mode is off. The power light is on and constant, and my output is turned up to half position.

I have not installed Cubase yet.

Installed these driver versions:

My win 10 Pro is a clean install, not an upgrade.

Anyone with some info to help me getting my sound back???


Installed Cubase, and now I have sound from everything. Cubase, Itunes, winmap, youtube + more.
But as soon I close Cubase, all sound is gone again.

And I need to use my UR44 as my prime soundcard, even when I’m not using Cubase.

Anyone with some good advice out there?

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Just wondering if there was any progress with this. My UR44 seems to go on strike frequently. Things are usually ok in Cubase but youtube keeps going silent and iTunes does that annoying thing where a track won’t move from 0.00 and you have to reset preferences and restart (but at the moment this isn’t working either).

One particularly inconvenient thing is that when I tried to install Sibelius on this PC, the UR44 was almost immediately useless and needed uninstalling and reinstalling. I use Sibelius a lot and it’s a faff doing that on a different computer and transferring everything.

I’m just writing here because the OP seemed to have a similar problem, but to be honest I don’t know whether it’s a windows issue, or steinberg, or itunes, or chrome etc…

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Hi Tabilo_JP - Did you manage to fix this?

I have the same issue. Everything was working fine until yesterday. I ran a firmware update on my Dell laptop (Running Win 10 - Home)

Up until the update, I was able to play all sounds from any application through my UR24C. However, since the update, I can only play sounds through my UR24C only whilst Cubase is running.

Can anybody help with this issue?

Thanking you in advance.

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