UR44 windows 7 pro, can't start cubase essential ERROR

When I click on the short cut to start Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5 I get the error " This Steinberg product does not support 'Basic and High Contrast Themes on windows. please use an Aero themes in control panel. I have windows 7 pro 64 bit. an i7 4790k at 4 ghz didn’t overclock, no video card or sound card, SSD drives. I have done HD video from video camera to Blu-ray disks. no problem. I built this computer.
I hate to be stupid an bother everyone but in about 2 weeks I still can’t get this to work.
All licences are stored on the proper dongle, and approved by support that every license is on it.
Under system, advanced, video selection, I have about 15 Items showed. How do I get computer to show hidden selections. supposed to have windows desktop composition check marked and aero themes and something else check marked. I just don’t know what to do. support says call Microsoft.

Can anyone please try an give me some pointers what I should do and how to do it. I would appreciate any help or ideas. thanks Bob ( dumb 70 year old newbe ).
PS this is the free version . I’m surprised they didn’t include a CD with the UR44. Took about 2 hours plus to download.

Dear gtobobb,

Please check the following article:


Thanks Jochen, I looked at that article before too. I’ve downloaded I hope an aero theme to our screen with all our I cons on it. I can’t check screen composition because it must be hidden under the advanced visual effects. only 15 items there. I went into registry ( HKey_current user\software\Microsoft\windows\Dwm) I then found compostion policy original setting (2) changed to ( 0 ) = enable, I also today changed Compositon ( 1 ) to an ( 0 ) which I believe would be also enable. But when I restart go back in the sys advace under visual effect where your supposed to check ( forget ) desktop composition it’s not there, still the same 15 checked items. I’m doing something stupidly wrong and can’t figure it out. almost 2 weeks an still can’t start Cubase. I looked at the help center many times even before suggested. In my case I just don’t know. Sorry if I bother anyone , just would like a solution or help in the right direction. thanks for anything to try.

I would of liked to show a snapshot I took of the visual effect page in the advanced system, would like to post so you can see what I’m talking about.
Also still the error the Steinberg product does not support ’ Basic and High Contrast themes’ on windows… windows control panel. I able tell how to attach to this . thanks