UR44 with Cubase Elements 7


I’m trying to export a song that has tracks using the Send to the UR44 Rev-X reverb. It sounds fine when I play it back, but during export, I can either check off Mix 1 or the UR44 FX Bus. I’m assuming this means that the UR44 reverb is purely for monitoring and cannot be used during Cubase mixdown - is that correct? Does this mean that any effects I use in Cubase have to be plug-ins other than those in the UR44?

Thanks in advance!


By the way, I should clarify that I thought that going through hardware setup and routing the Reverb to Mix 1 with appropriate return levels) would be an alternative to creating an FX track. If not, then I can always continue using the FX track. It would nice to know if I’m thinking along the right lines.

Sorry for my misunderstanding in the way the UR44 is architected. I’ve realized that there’s no need for an FX track alternative - in fact, you actually don’t want an alternative because using multiple effects during playback is best done with the FX track alone. Separation of the FX monitoring in the UR44 is actually implemented very well - I wish the documentation (or my mind, for that matter) were a little clearer.

The Rev-X reverb cannot, as you’ve noticed, be recorded from the Hardware, unlike the Channel Strip and Amp Sims which can . For this reason it has additionally been included as a plugin (the CS is also included as a plugin).

I’m sorry, but something is still unclear for me: is it possible to export a MP3 track in Cubase Le 7 with the REV-X reverb from my Steinberg UR44 ?

Because me too, when I listen to my track through my monitor, the reverb is there and it sounds awesome (I love this reverb haha), but when I export it, the reverb isn’t there no more. (The reverb is only for monitoring?)
Then, what I tried to do is that I plugged in my monitor out into my first jack input, I created a new audio track and I recorded my monitor out. Like that I have my REV-X, but the sound quality is far less good as when I am listening to all the tracks on Cubase : as if some of the sound had disappear… (The lows are far less present and the sound is not clean and clear).

All I want is to be able to hear with a MP3 file what I am hearing through my monitor! I tried for several weeks, but it’s something I can’t figure out by myself… I need help! Haha
I know you talked about FX tracks, but I’m not sure what to do with those too.