UR44 with iPhone 11 pro - SOLVED

Hello World

I tried to run the UR44 with my iPhone using the original camera kit and a power supply on the UR44. Although under Windows 10 I have nothing to complain about, with the iPhone it does not work at all. The phone does not recognise the interface at all and the UR44 keeps blinking. :frowning:
Has someone experience with UR44 and iPhone?

UR44: Firmware V 2.12
iPhone: 11 pro, iOS 14.2

Thanks, Martin

Hi there
I forgot to switch the UR44 into CC mode when using the iPhone - the little switch close to the USB plug!
When using UR44 under Windows, I used it with CC = Off.
IiPhone, iPad or other devices need CC = On.

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udFLrX1XVeg -->>0:37<<–


Thanks Martin :slight_smile:

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