ur44 worth buying in 2019?

I was wondering if users of the Steinberg UR44 can comment on what they feel about the model? I notice that the hardware was first released some years ago and I wonder if it’s worth waiting for a refreshed model with USB 3.0 and perhaps other improvements?

What are your thoughts on the UR44? Is it worth buying in 2019?

I recently picked a used UR44 and so far I’m pretty happy with it. Nice integration with Cubase. I haven’t found the USB 2.0 to be an issue, which surprised me a little because my previous unit (another make) was Firewire-based. I was hedging a bit on paying full retail for a new one for the reasons you cite, but from a performance standpoint, I like it. Only thing that doesn’t thrill me so far is limitations on how you can route outputs. Not an issue within Cubase, but in standalone use, there seems to be less flexibility. Overall, good unit & good combo with Cubase.

The added bandwidth that USB 3 offers is almost completely meaningless for audio. Implementing USB 3 in a four-input device would only be for marketing hype, you would need many, many times that amount of audio streaming over the cable to hit a bandwidth limit. It’s perfectly modern interface.

Thanks for the answers.

I noticed that the unit cannot be run off USB power like smaller units can. But I need the portability (just like the UR22 mkII). So I need to run it off a 12V battery bank. Either 10x AA rechargeables or 3x 18650 lithium cells.

Can any of you guys tell me what the Amp rating of the power supply is? For a worst-case scenario (everything populated, fx etc.) I want to make sure I can supply enough current and have enough capacity in my 12V battery.

it’s 12 volts, 1.5 amps. But that doesn’t tell you how much current it actually uses.

Thank you.

Yeah the UR44 is great still imo! I’ve used it for some Years now! Like literally never failed me! So I’m happy with it! Just make sure firmware, USB drivers, etc are up to date, etc…

Regarding Mac OS, full Mojave compatibility is still “Testing”, and the last time the Steinberg page was updated was almost 4 months ago, when Mojave was released in September, and the first beta was available on July. I would not advise to buy something that is not fully compatible, just because it shows how Steinberg prioritize this particular device.

hello, how can i check the firmware version of the UR44 ? its installed on Cubase Artist 9.5
thank you

Firmware version is shown in the DSP Mix FX application (not cubase to my knowledge)

I had a UR44 for a few years and was perfectly happy with it 'til the day I gave it away - I simply needed more channels and fancied trying out UAD stuff.

The onboard Yamaha Rev-X reverb was very useful for latency-free tracking reverb. The DSP powered guitar amp sims weren’t great - but they were good enough to hear what you’re going (feel wise) which translated well when re-amping the subsequent dry signal. The pre’s were good. Didn’t have any issues once I upgraded the firmware (doubt if that would be an issue these days). Depending on how many channels you actually need - the UR-RT2 Might be worth looking at - the same sound and DSP as the UR44 but with the switchable Neve transformer option for a mojo option - but it’s more expensive and only has one headphone jack.

Don’t overlook the Beringher UMD404HD, just as good sound as the UR44 - half the price but doesn’t have DSP (the latter is what drew me to the UR44)

i just bought mine, but i can say;
the focusrite equivalent sells for double the price,
the bundled software has a quite decent sound, REV-X is a nice alternative option to Cubase’s reverbs (at least on my software version)
allows for no-latency monitoring,
ipad connectivity,
ability to integrate outboard equipment into your recordings,