UR44C Headphone Output Impedance

I was wondering if anyone knew what the headphone output impedance of the UR44C was.

In the review by Julian Krause on interface comparisons, Interface Headphone Amp Comparison (Focusrite, Behringer, Audient, Motu, SSL, NI, and Steinberg) - YouTube, he mentions the UR22C has 91 Ohms which is high compared to other audio interfaces.

When reading the tech specs of the manuals for both the UR22C and UR44C, the headphone info is different but neither manual openly states the output impedance of the headphone amps.

Was thinking the output impedance of the UR44C would be lower than the UR22C given its higher max output load level.



Interesting that the 44 has more than 6x the wattage on the headphone compared to the 22 (doesnt seem right). I wonder if that figure is the sum of the two headphone outputs or if it is for each.