UR44C Interface playback problem

Hi there,
I’m having trouble installing my ur44-c interface. all drivers are in, the fx suite is installed but I can’t seem to switch off the clean sound coming straight out of my speakers. the sound won’t monitor through Cubase 10, only through what seems to be the direct monitor out.

I don’t have the UR44-C, but the first thing I would check is to be sure that this one is unticked :

Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System > [Steinberg UR44-C] > Direct Monitoring

In the same way, there is maybe a more or less identical setting in the UR44-C driver wizard : deactivate it also, if the case. After this, all is about the routings of the ‘sounds’ you are using (Audio Connections busses created, Inputs and Outputs of the tracks/group tracks used, Control Room settings, levels…).