UR44C Line Output 2 Not Working

I have both of my Line Outs (1 & 2) to powered systems. I am working outside of Cubase.

Line Out 1 works just fine, but Line Out 2 does not. I have the Mix 2 button selected in DSPMixFx.

I have searched other posts in this forum and there are other users who have this issue. However, they are met with a dead end. I’m hoping that my experience will be different.

I purchased this unit for the purpose of being able to output to more than one device. Was I wrong in my thinking?

I have the UR824 and can only use Mix 2 and Mix 3 from within Cubase, don’t quote me, but I don’t think you can do that outside of Cubase, as I have tried and it doesn’t seem possible.

I have a UR44C also it never worked properly once, I even replaced my PC in an attempt to get things working correctly. I met with abject failure. I then bought a focusrite Scarlett 4i6 and despite the fact it lasts the latency free reverb when monitoring it’s been flawless. I feel I can’t sell my UR44C as I fear it is flawed… Amazing that Steinberg’s own hardware does not work properly with Cubase. IC pro was rubbish as well disappointingly. But I’ve moaned about that already…

Same her I purchase this unit to use all outputs, never did they say you got to use Cubase to get it to work, I have looked for all work around but came up with nothing, I guess ill start looking for a new interface , surely would not by back a steinbeg.

Why is no one from Support addressing this issue, you never tell customers that in order to use the second output you got to be using Cubase, if I had only know that I would of never bought this interface.

Hey guys
I’m not really an expert on this, but windows does not normally allow assigning multiple outputs for different audio, (win does not use asio). For the ur44c you can use main outs and out 1 becuse they are basically the same, but with UR824 you would need to use a cable splitter to get the same effect. Or headphone outs. But different audio at the same time, no not like this anyway.
There are one manufacturers whose drivers can get around this (letting you have more wdm devices), but not Steinberg unfortunately.

I think there are modern software solutions (like for youtubers and such) which might work, but I am not familiar with these.

However, once upon a time there was an application called ASIO Link Pro, and I just googled it and it turns out it is still around, if in a reverese engineered version. Now, the software isnt modern but as far as I can tell it still works, and it will let you have as many ins and outs as you wish:)
Go ahead, try it if you like, and you can also search this forum for old posts about it.

And, when you find asio link pro confusing, watch this: ASIO Link Pro Tool in 2021 - YouTube