UR44C not playing mono files - Mac

Hi there!

Excuse me if this is a simple fix or if I’ve missed something.

I have recently purchased a UR44C, which I’m using with a mid-2014 MacBook Pro. I mainly use Logic-X as my DAW, and my OS is High Sierra 10.13.6

The UR44C is connected via USB-3, and it is using the 12V power supply, not taking power via USB

I noticed that there seems to be a problem with playback of mono audio files, ie they appear to play but I hear nothing through the UR44C. If I play them through the internal speakers, or another interface, I hear them as normal.

This happens if I try to audition files in the Finder, or play them in Quicktime, or anywhere. The only way I have found to hear mono files is to create an audio track for them in Logic and import them there (also works this way when I tried it in Ableton). I can also hear them if I convert the files to stereo using MediaConverter.

I hear nothing if I try to audition mono audio files via Logic’s file finder either, and additionally I hear nothing if I import them into a Logic sample instrument and try to play them there.

Everything seems to be set up correctly with drivers, etc - I downloaded and installed all the right things. The interface appears in System Preferences as normal, and also in Audio/MIDI settings.

It doesn’t seem to matter which format the file is in (WAV, aiff, mp3, etc…), only whether the file is mono or stereo.

This is super frustrating and I’d love to know if there’s a way to fix it! I’m trying to work with a whole lot of mono drum samples, and I don’t want to have to convert them to stereo just to be able to use them! I just want this interface to work like any other would!


I’m curious if you’re outputting through the main , or the 1 2 3 4 Outputs.

I havent been able to get the 3/4 ( or 2L 2R ) to output …but maybe its because i’ve been trying in mono.

Hi, it doesn’t seem to make a difference which output I’m using - it sounds like you’re having a slightly different issue maybe? The discrepancy I’m finding is between types of audio files (mono vs stereo) when I try to play them - ie mono ones are making no sound.

Hope you get to the bottom of your issue!