UR44C not recording in Ableton 10

Hey all. So I’ve recently purchased a Steinberg UR44c and am attempting to use it on macOS Catalina 10.15.5 with Ableton Live 10. The UR44c is recognized within my Audio/Midi Settings, my general sound setting and as the audio input/output device within Ableton Live 10. It seems to be working fine as a stand-alone output device when playing from any program or playing back a session within Ableton Live. The issue is that, despite it being recognized and set as the main i/o device on what I assume is all possible settings, I can not get any kind of input audio when trying to record within Ableton. No matter the input, gain variation, anything.

I’ve read there are certain contingencies on dspMix being used in conjunction with whatever DAW you are using, but I don’t fully understand the order in which these need to be opened up and how I route or connect these two programs whatsoever to allow for the interface to capture audio-in within Ableton.

I feel like this may just be an instance of operators error in some way but it’s proving to be super aggravating and has made me almost sell it for a more “plug & play” alternative.

Does anyone have any experience running a similar setup w/ this oS and DAW or have any recommendations on why I might not be getting any audio-in within Ableton??

Please, someone save me before I give up! I want to use this for so many reasons and would hate to have to let it go over something that could be easily fixed.