Ur44c problems

I just bought ur44c. I don’t even wanna talk about popular topic as steinberg false advertise their product saying it have 6 outputs. Everybody knows that two of them are mirror outputs to the main one, and the second ones are paired in stereo, so actually it has only one independent output beside main out L/R… Which is totally crazy! Maybe I don’t know about something? What to do? Maybe somebody created custom drivers to it to at least use stereo paired line outs seperately? Please help. I just bought it totally stoked and I’m shocked cause it turnes out that this device is totally useless for me…

I have that unit, and it is as described. 4 individual outputs. (not 6)

Steinberg says that the UR44C is a 6-in and 4-out USB 3.0 audio interface in the description on the website and in the manual


But those 4 outputs are paired and half of them are main out… So they are not individual and half of the is used for regualr monitoring. They are paired left and right. You can’t even chose in the DAW those outputs seperately. Only as a stereo pair. They are useles because of that. I have read that previous version of that interface had seperate outputs. What happened? The desiner smoked crack at work? And who approved that design? WTF?

You don’t understand how it works, and your expectation does not coincide with the specs of the device.

Open the DSPmixFX app to configure and perhaps refer to the manual.

Also, please adjust your tone. If you cannot be respectful, I will ask you to take it elsewhere.

I’m already using DSPMIXFC, and I have already read the manual. I totally understand how it works, thats why I’m complaining. It works exactly how I described (maybe everything works great only in cubase, i Don’t know), and thats exactly the problem because it’s not abvious how line outs are set up and how it’s impossible to use them seperately or use it fully in different DAW than Cubase. It’s not intuitive. If they would created device that for instance “main output” has only one volume knob with one of the input preamp (which would be equally ridiculus), you would be also telling me that " my expectation does not coincide with the specs of the device." ? Instead of rebuking me like and uncle , maybe you have some info that could actually help? Cheers and no offence. I like you anyway, so maybe let’s focus on the topic. Man. I’m just mad you know? Cause I just bought this thing and I have work to do and deadlines… I came here to grimace cause it makes me calm, Cheers!


In Reaper, for example, all individual outputs are available to route.


In Reaper I don’t even have all inputs… and I’m using official Steinberg latest drivers…

I suppose it’s a matter of configuring it correctly then.