UR44c routing line-out through reverb?

Hey hey!

I’ve been using my UR44c for a while now and have been loving it for all my needs. Been recently borrowing some outboard gear in the hopes of getting some for myself, and thought I might try routing things out of the line outs, and then back in through the line ins. I’ve made sure to mute the direct monitoring in Mix2 to avoid any gnarly feedback issues, but now I have a very strange issue I can’t seem to figure out.

In a nutshell, I think it is sending everything out of those line-outs through the Rev-X channel. I’m using Logic, so it could be a compatibility error there, but basically I’m sending out of Logic through “Output 5”, and then returning in through one of the line ins on the front, but whatever I send out comes back with a fully wet reverb signal.

At first I thought this could be a latency thing making it sound like reverb, but if I turn up the length of the reverb in MixFx then it increases the amount of reverb I’m getting. Weirder still, if I turn down the level control of the reverb channel, it will effect the volume of what I’m sending out of the line-out!

As best I could figure out, I thought it may be a compatibility error of Logic thinking it’s sending it one way but accidentally sending it another, but then I wouldn’t be getting feedback loop issues with direct monitoring?

Deeply confused and a little bummed out. I’ve been able to make I/Os in Logic work for other interfaces at the studio I work at, and was hoping I wouldn’t have to make a switch for my home set up.

How many outputs can you see in Logic?

In Cubase I have 3 pairs of outputs: Mix 1, Mix 2, FX bus which is the onboard reverb.

I don’t know how they are labelled in Logic… Maybe ouptuts 1/2, 3/4, 5/6.

Maybe you are sending the signal to the reverb (fx bus).

It’s giving me 6 output options. I’ve narrowed down that 1 and 2 go to the left and right monitors so they must be the main outs. 3 and 4 seems to be the 1L and 1R on the interface because they don’t pass any signal unless I plug out of them. 5 and 6 are the 2L+2R outs because they only pass signal if I’m plugged into them as well.

It’s just weird that it’s almost like on its way to the out it gets passed through the reverb send and I can’t un-send it?

Main out and Line out 1 and 2 are the same. This will be your software outputs 1 and 2. Whatever you route to these will be on both Main outs and line outs 1 and 2.

Line out 3 and 4 are the software outputs 3 and 4.

The onboard reverb is software outputs 5 and 6. These are not a real physical outputs. Only send something to these if you want to use the dsp reverb.

So it’s really only outputs 3 and 4 that are usable for some external fx or output routing.

Okay so I think I was wrong kinda in the last reply. I plugged my left monitor into the 2L line out and checked what output from Logic would give me normal sound and it was output 3, while output 5 gave me the reverb send like before.

So I tried my whole previous set up again and realised I was running back into Logic through the Hi-Z input and not a line in. Switch the input back in to Input 3 and now it’s all working as it should! Not entirely sure why this would be the case, probably something to do with impedance but hey, it works now!

I’ll attach my I/O plugin screen for if anyone later has a similar issue getting it to work in Logic :slight_smile: