UR44C stereo monitoring

Hi everyone,
I already own a UR22 mkII that works great for my use case, but I wanted to expand the number of inputs available so I thought that the UR44C could be my best fit.
One of the minus of the UR22 is that I can’t get stereo direct monitoring from the inputs and this for me is a big issue, since I also use those inputs to listen music coming from a two channel mixer. Recording is in stereo, but monitoring is in mono. I don’t want to listen to music in mono.
With the UR22C a mono button was introduced on the front panel to switch from mono/stereo monitoring, but the UR44C doesn’t have it, so: how can I get stereo monitoring from the UR44C?

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If you mean the Mix knob on the UR22 (there’s no stereo mono toggle), it’s not needed on the UR44c.
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Nope, I’m talking about the “MONO” button on the UR22C, that is not present on the UR44C.

Oh, sorry.

I suppose by linking the channels in dspMixFX?

Oh, I didn’t know the existence of this software. So, if I do this channel linking once through the software, does the interface keep that configuration without that software to be running?

Yes, I believe so.

You may also need to pan the inputs hard left and right (for the linked channels).

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