UR816C audio interface not available?

I am trying to buy the UR816C through steinberg website, but when I add it to the shopping cart it says it is empty. No matter which navigator I use, always same result.
Thank you

No it looks like the 816 is out of stock.
Look here Products — Music Software & Audio Hardware | Steinberg for a list of all products, and you will se which ones have a buy button on them.
There is something not right with their web site, as I see the button you clicked at the end of the 816 page, sorry.

Thank you for your reply.
I see many of the audio interfaces are not availbale any more,but they are still on Steinberg website. I would like to know if I can wait for restock or just look for another brand. I have written to Steinberg support but they are silent…

I think these devices are victims of the supply chain madness since the pandemic.
a generic example:

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Yes, I thought exactly that, but would be great if Steinberg says a word about it.

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I notice that the unit is also not listed on Sweetwater (where I had bought a UR816C in December 2019). Probably your best bet to learn more about product availability status is to call Steinberg directly rather than emailing.