UR816C - Can not save/load presets and settings in dspMixFx

I have the UR816C with the latest firmware installed. For whatever reason I can’t save/load presets and settings in dspMixFx ver. 2.0.1 (using Windows 11 23h2 and Cubase 12) and I need to, because of different settings in Windows and/or Cubase. What should I try to do?

I have a similar problem. When saving a dspmix setting where do you save it? Should it be saved somewhere under the project you’re working on?

I have the URC for many years now and always save my presets of the DSP mixer in its own Store-file, I have a couple of presets and no problems here. (W10)

When opening a project how does it know where to look for the dsp settings?

Has nothing to do with the project in Cubase as fas as I know…
The savings are within the DSP mix software itself.
So you have to load that preset in there.

I think it should save the presets whether Cubase is opened or not. It doesn’t matter. Maybe it’s a soft (driver) bug.

That’s correct, nothing to do with CUbase. I don’t have any issues with this. W10+Cubase13, latest UR816C drivers/software