UR816C for use with Room EQ Wizard

I’m new to this forum and am wondering if fellow members can steer me in the right direction, I will appreciate it.

I use Room EQ Wizard (REW) and would like the ability to take multiple measurements simultaneously by connecting up to 15 mics if necessary. I notice that the UR816C can accommodate up to 16 mics but has phantom power for only 8 mics. Is there a way to resolve this?

I am sure there are drivers for both Mac and PC to achieve this with the UR816C.
Please feel free to provide input and make suggestions.

Any users out there that have tried doing this?

Where did you find that information? It’s just nonsense.

8 Mic-Pres, that’s it.
More microphones need more preamps.

You will need an extra ADAT exctension like the Behringer ADA8200, that has 8 preamps with phantompower an all of them.

You are right indeed. Thank you for correcting me.

I am new to this so can you please explain it to me in a bit more detail. ADAT seems to be an interface where devices can connect to each other via optical cable for upto 8-channels.

So are you saying that I could connect the Behringer ADA8200 to the UR816C to get a total of 16 mic inputs?

I want to be able to play a test tone in the form of a sweep and capture 16 responses at 16 different positions from just one sweep - as opposed to playing the sweep 16 times and moving a single mic to 16 different positions which can be extremely time consuming.

Seems to me like a more time consuming way to measure your room instead of only using 1 mic which I did for room correction. Do you have 15 special measurement mics then? I only have 1…
I guess it’s way more easier to re-adjust your micstand for the 16 captures which I also did (using ARC3+measurementmic). In your plan you have to connect 16 cables, micstands and mics(which normally are special mics), and adjust 16 inputlevels according to your software. By that time I am ready with just one mic measuring. But hey…it can be done your way offcourse, you will have 16 mic pre’s with an extra ADAT device connected tyo the UR816C.