UR816C new generation USB4

Good morning gentlemen, I bought the UR816C interface, and I was disappointed that the ADC is one of Yamaha, and according to the specifications of the manual, it has 106DB of Dynamic Range, very low to be used for studio productions.
Also the yamaha SSP3 DSP can only run Yamaha plugins, I can’t use Waves with this DSP, and neither can Avid Plugins.

I would like there to be a new generation of URC interface with better components, for more quality, for example I could suggest the following:

  • Support AVB/TSN 40Gbit
  • Support MIDI 2
  • ADC AKM AK5578EN - 121dB 768kHz / 32-bit 8 ch Deluxe ADC
  • DAC AKM AK4499EQ - Switched Resistor 4 ch DAC
  • Texas Instruments multicore DSP C6727B
  • Support AAX plugins

My cordial greetings.

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