UR816c No Hardware option on Cubase 10 Pro

Hi everyone

Just bought and installed the ur 816c, however there is no hardware option coming up on cubase 10.0.5 pro version. The Yamaha AADM Extension does load when i start up cubase. I cannot see the Yamah plugins in the insert folder too.

Any help is very much appreciated



Hi and welcome,

Make sure you have the latest driver and Tools installed, please.

I would also try to update the firmware.

Thanks Martin, i figured out the problem. I am a control room user and did not realise Hardware option doesnt work with the control room.

I still use the controlroom but make adjustements for the ur816c in the dspfx mixer

Thank you!

I use UR816c and Control Room at the same time. You need to use separate (free) “stereo out” in your audio connections. Also, if the track you are recording to is routed to the bus other than stereo out, you loose hardvare control tab in Cubase inspector. (I use Cubase 11 pro)