UR816C Noise w low level output?

I am considering purchase of the UR816c to replace a Focusrite 18i20 audio interface. My biggest issue on the focusrite is the the hiss/noise level when running a low level output. If you want to run at 0db - no problem, but if you want mic level -28db output the noise stays as loud as it was at 0db and its too much. They should have put the output level adjustment AFTER the noisy electronics so the noise would drop with the signal.

Is this a problem on the UR816c?

I use the 816 only for external hardware and do not find it noisy. But I can adjust most of the signal on the hardware gear and I reach out for a point (mix of hardware output and levels on the 816 or in Cubase ins-outs) where there is the least of noise.
I also tested the 3th Gen Focusrite18i20 and did not hear any noticable difference. Maybe the 3thGeb is better, I don’t know.
I did not choose it because of the software mixerposibilities.

Thanks very much for your feedback.

Since my output is going also to FOH often w a sound tech we have not worked with- the mic signals need to be mic level. I can’t send them 0db level when they are expecting mic level. It could cause damage. Unfortunately, I they don’t read the advance instructions or either the person that does, is replaced before the gig. Just trying to make it easy for those techs, but if the hiss is too much.

I wish I could find out if the Steinberg can output a mic level signal with good signal to noise, but there doesn’t seem to be a reasonable way to ask directly. I had to go through several support windows just to find this forum, then register, confirm email, then check back. I have a unit on order, but I will likely return it if it can’t do it.

Most outputs on all interfaces are linelevel signals. You cannot expect them to be mic-level
Also those Line signals have other impedances than mic levels. That also may cause the hiss, correct me if I am wrong.

Hi everyone! I am writing from Colombia, we have belonged to the Cubase family for years and we could not be happier! We bought the UR816C and everything has worked well, BUT I am surprised how low it sounds, we came to work with a Tascam 1884 and it never exceeded 40% of the gain, now with this I easily exceed 65% or 70%! I do not know if it works that way or if something is wrong, can you please help me?

You cannot compare the knobs or gainstructure of different interfaces. IF it works for you on higher settings than there is nothing wrong.