UR816c Output hum

When i plug a cable into any of the outputs, I hear a low end hum from my studio monitors. Does anyone know what this could be from and how to fix it?

Do you use BALANCED cables to the monitors?

Yes, balanced cables into a monitor controller. When I don’t have anything plugged into any of the outputs I dont hear any noise through the monitors. I tried to reamp guitars and the hum was louder than the guitar signal. I do need a better reamp box, but even when I wasn’t plugged into the reamp box I still heard a slight hum.

Did you also tried balanced cables from the reampbox to the URC inputs?
I only use balanced cables oin my UR816C, and also do re-amping and lots of outboard gear hooked up, no hum or noise.

I’m using a balanced cable into the reamp box and out of the reamp is a TS cable.

Is there a de-hum knob on the reamp box? Mine has one

It has a ground switch that doesn’t seem to do anything. I just ordered a radial reamp box to see if that fixes the issue. It’ll be here tomorrow so I’ll know then.

I also disconnected everything and only had my PC, monitors, and UR816c connected. That didn’t solve anything.

When you do not use the pc, so the URC standalone is the hum still present?

The new reamp box completely fixed the problem. I was shocked considering how loud the hum was.

Then it probably had a bad transformer or shielding.

Do you use your UR816c with outboard gear? I had a couple questions that I didn’t quite understand.

There’s no way to select either mic or line input on the UR816c so does it just do it on its own?

Also, when using an outboard channel strip is it okay to also use the gain on the input of the UR816c or should I have that all the way off?

I use my UR816C mostly for outboardgear when mixing,
Just connect a balanced jack into an input and it’s LINE level. Connect a XLR into the input and it’s MIC level, that simple.
I use a ART Pro channel II as a channelstrip and connect it with a balanced jack into the URC, so Line level.
I set the gain on the URC to the lowest (there is no “off” it’s just low, it’s not a volume control but a gain stage) and set the output volume of the ART as high as possible just before clipping, because that way I will have as much “tube flavor” in the signal. When it still is to low I adjust the gainlevel on the URC accordingly. For the other outboard such as EQ’s and Compressors I set the gain on the URC to the correct level (measuring the input and output) and use the Gaincontrol to do this, nothing wrong with that. It it’s a stereo (or 2 mono) unit, I balance the outputs with the gainlevels on the URC for the perfect stereo-levels, using a VU-meter in the insert of the Cubase channel in which I use the hardware. No one said that using outboard gear was easiers than mixing in the box :slight_smile: .

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