UR816C stuck on firmware upgrade

Hi everyone,

I just got a UR816C, had a few issues to get the drivers installed properly on Mac OS Mojave (got it working with v2.0.4 instead of the latest 2.0.5). But when I tried to update the firmware I got stuck. It’s been about 3 hours now and the status is still at “Starting…” with the lights all flashing on the front panel.

And I’m not sure I can quit the app (there’s no Abort or Cancel button) or turn anything off now because I’m afraid that could brick the interface. Any help please?


Same Problem with my UR816C on Windows 10.


Connecting via USB with MacBook Pro / Big Sur works. Loaded the new drivers and tool for ur-c before try to install the new firmware. The best at installing with OSX was that uninstalling data for the old programs come with the .zip data.

macOS Big Sur 11.2.3
→ YSUB-V305_Mac
→ Tools for URC V150 Mac (without the driver)
→ URC Firmware Updater V150 mac