UR824 AD+DA Latency

I just got a UR824 to use as a standalone device via ADAT into an RME RayDAT PCIe card. I also have a Behringer ADA8200, and Im noticing that the round trip latency is MUCH higher on the UR824 than the ADA8200. It seems like the UR824s AD and DA converters are a total of around 1 millisecond slower than the BEHRINGER ADA8200!?!?!? WHAT!?!?!

Im just hoping like crazy that this is a setting or something that Ive messed up. I set the UR824 to 64 sample buffer when I was doing the routing setup, then unplugged it from the USB port. I didnt see any settings elsewhere. But god damn, if a Behringer that costs one third of the price of the UR824 has AD/DA conversion at such a higher speed and theres nothing I can do about it, I dont know what to say…

I use this rig for live performance, so low latency is super important to me. Please someone tell me theres a way to get the UR824 to at least match a fucking Behringer in AD/DA times :open_mouth:

OK so posts are moderated and take a week to get approved? What on earth is that all about?

bumping this as i wanted to buy a rme raydat to use with a ur824 wich i have to lower latency basically your same setup.
so can you give me some update did you find out if even only the conversion on 824 is slow enough to give enough latency if thats the case im gonna sell tha ur824 and get different conversions , any clue?

p.s. is it normal that on steinberg forumm a lot of questions are left unanswered? i am new here but this seems the cse when i read rme forum there is alwasy some moderators or expert answering customers!!!

I returned the UR824, I got no extra info or help really at all, it appears that the UR824 is just stupidly slow as a AD/DA standalone converter. Which is unfortunate.

ty for answering! what did you get as a stand alone ad da and how is raydat performing as far as latency ?

ty again for the info