UR824 and Apple Silicon


I see that the UR824 is declared compatible with the new Mac Silicon processors only thru Rosetta 2. I guess that no native version will ever exist.

What does this mean, in practice? Will compatibility with DAWs be an issue? Is a Rosetta 2 application seen exactly a native one? Will the only difference be in processing speed, therefore resulting in an irrelevant difference in case of an audio interface?


I found the answer in other messages. While the Tools require Rosetta, the actual driver is already native.


In order to use the dsp-functionality of the UR824 in Cubase you will definitely need Silicon compatible tools. Presently this functionality is only available if Cubase is in Rosetta mode. The UR824 is a really great audio interface. I don’t understand why Steinberg still hasn’t offered Silicon compatible tools after more than two years of Apple Silicon.

I was thinking that, when using Cubase, the separate Tools were not needed. I’m not a Cubase user, so I couldn’t try it.

They have released the UR816C, that is supposed to be its replacement. I can’t agree, since the UR824 is still superior in technical data, and allows for recording 24 channels with dedicate external converters.

I guess they still update the driver, because they have a lot of these fantastic pieces installed themselves, and can’t really think to anything else as a true replacement.