UR824 and Digital Performer output routing problems

On a mac running 10.9.5 running driver version 2.1.6

Digital Performer 8 is my main DAW

I wish I had another DAW on my computer to see if its JUST Digital Performer, but… I have used DP8 with TONS of different interfaces from tons of different companies. I have never run into an issue like this.

So here’s the problem… in my DP track I select output 1/2. Shouldn’t this send the audio DIRECTLY to output 1/2 on the 824 considering in the dspMixer output setup window, outputs 1/2 are set to DAW OUT 1/2? Well it isn’t. This is the same for every output I select. 3/4 should come out 3/4 on the unit because its set like that in the 824’s mixer output setup window. Here’s the funny thing though… all the inputs do register and stream. I can see the sound registering on the input meters in DP, and I can of course hear the low latency monitoring it through the 824’s internal mixer.

I know my core audio driver is working, because I again… I have used this computer with DP with TONS of different interfaces (m-audio, universal audio, Avid) and I’ve NEVER had a routing problem like this. 9/10 selected in DP should be getting streamed to my ADAT device’s outputs 9-10 just like they are selected to do so in the output set up window, but they AREN’T!!!

Ah… and though I don’t have another DAW I do have my audio/midi window on my mac and if I set the outputs to stream 1/2, 3/4, 5/6… it won’t stream to any output on the 824 even if its set to monitor directly of that that DAW OUT 1/2, 3/4, 5/6

Has anyone else used a DAW that’s NOT cubase have this exact same issue?

Or should I sell this thing…? I want to use it because they have the Wolfson DAC chips which kick sonic butt. But doesn’t really matter if I can’t get the DSP to jive.

So I installed by Ableton just so see how the outputs jive there. SAME PROBLEM!!! If I select outputs 1/2 in ableton I should be able to hear it coming out of the 1/2 output on the 824 when setting the outputs to DAW out 1/2 in the driver window like how I have it in the screenshot that i have uploaded.

I mean… how am I supposed to use my 8 extra outputs of my ADA8000 adat expansion interface? I have it set to DAW out 9/10 to the 824’s adat out 9/10, but I’m not getting a signal out of my ada8000. Its not the ADA8000 because all the other interfaces I use my ada8000 with like my m-audio 2626, all the outputs on the ADA sound fine.

Yamaha/Steinberg… have you even bothered testing your 824 with OTHER daws on mac… I don’t know… maybe do your due diligence? I now have to sell this bloody thing unless you can tell me how to get these DAW outputs in your driver window to actually jive with reality.
Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 9.58.04 PM.png

Ever find an answer? I am having the same issue with Ableton, trying to set up external effect pedals.

I’m having the same problem, but in Cubase. It shows that it’s sending the signal to my ADAT output (focusrite octopre) but there is no sound coming out of the output. I WANT TO USE EXTERNAL FX :’(