UR824 and midi

Checking out the UR824. My old audio interfaces had the midi ports I could plug musicians in. If I use a ur824 what options do I have for midi input? I’m planning on using the 824 with a macbook pro which has the usual usb firewire and thunderbolt connections.

At home, I use an excellent ESI M4U XL. But I guess that you would need something smaller/easier to carry around if you have to move it out of the studio often.


get an Oxygen 49 midi controller…

The oxygen 49, nice controller, I want one. So it connects midi via usb. Nice.

Some musicians prefer bringing their own keyboards with no usb, just midi ports. So I’m looking for a reliable midi interface for just plugging in a single keyboard while using the ur824 and a laptop (usb?). Most recording projects I do are mostly all audio with an occasional channel of midi (keyboard player).

I couldn’t find much discussion about midi interfaces. Maybe most midi interfaces are reliable these days and its just a matter of finding one that fits you budget?

you can buy a midi to usb cable from ebay/amazon.