UR824 and Pro Tools/Windows 10

Hey all…

I have a UR824 that I use with Cubase Pro 9 and Pro Tools 12.
The issue I’m having is that as soon as I power up the 824 I have sound passing through it…regardless of whether the computer is on or not.
Once I activate Cubase it acts as you would expect and you only get sound when inputs are activated.
With Pro Tools it acts like it does when you first turn it on…any sound generating device is active regardless of input selections in Pro Tools.
Playback is as you wanted but recording is awkward.
I’m sure it’s something I’ve forgotten to consider but I just can’t seem to figure it out :slight_smile:

Hi, have you tried to reset the routing / monitoring via the dspMixFx UR824 panel ?

I think that may be a step most don’t do. I believe he just does not have it setup correctly.

Though it is not obvious or intuitive to set it up. Been there…