UR824 and UR22Mk2 together in one PC?

hi I have a UR824. And a good ole Echo MIA in my PC.

The way i work is that i like to have Cubase and Sound Forge open at the same time on the pc and jump between the screens to do work.

When Cubase loads, it “takes control” of the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver. Sound Forge cant use this driver so i just assign Sound Forge to the Echo Mia driver, and as both interfaces are plugged into my outboard mixer, its all good. (The Cubase “release driver in background” setting is a nice idea in theory but doesnt work half the time and locks up my pc for up to 30 seconds when switching from Cubase to SForge , throwing up errors hysterically until finally Cubase lets go and then SForge finally works and well…work efficiency gone).

so heres my question.

If i use my UR824 and buy a new UR22Mk2 to replace my Echo Mia, will they show up as separate drivers in my list? or do they both function under “Yamaha USB ASIO Driver”…and i wont be able to select the UR22Mk2 driver from the list separately for the other program to use exclusively ? Will i be forced to buy another brand of 2x2 interface just so that i can have a different ASIO driver in the list to do my workflow properly?

many thanks,