UR824: Can't choose external clock source


Since recent time I can’t choose external clock source in a driver. In the list is only Internal source!

Driver version is 1.8.5, firmware is 2.10 (the lasts).

Please, help me.

Do you have you have connection to adat devices? If no alternative clock signal is present I think the unit will then not give clocking options, but this is just my thoughts, I will try this and have a look (by the way I use my UR824 as master and have the mr816 as slave and another focusrite safire pro 26 als second slave because of the JETPLL clocking).

Yes, my both synths always connected through ADAT and I listen their sound.

Well still hadn’t time to check it, maybe Wednesday.

I think that your adat connection towards your synths are SPDIF connection, or have do your synths have adat 8 channels out?

TOSLINK S/PDIF connection.

Hi checked it, i do have different sync option like syncing to spdif, adat or wordclock.

I also previously synchronized by the external source (“ADAT-A(B)”). But now in the list is only Internal source…

Huuu ???

Same here !! Only Internal clock to choose.
Connected to an Apogee BigBen. Adat in and out connected to converters.
Newest drivers and firmware.
Used to work flawless, 'till a few days ago.
Steinberg ???


Could it be that the ADAT/FX setting is set to FX?


Hi! I think it was a one of the Windows updates…

So … could You fix it ?

Still havn’t found the time to file an RMA with Steinberg …


It’s a Steinberg’s forum - I am waiting for support of driver developers …

Yup, it’s a steinberg forum, but if support is needed file a request for support it is it’s purpose. Just my advice :slight_smile:

Evrika! http://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=downloads_ur824&L=1

Steinberg USB Driver V1.8.6 - the answer! :slight_smile:

Congrats, however I Always assumed that you had the latest driver :slight_smile:

Yep, finally !

And yes, we had the latest driver.
1.8.6 ( i.e. 2.1.1 ) was only just posted, as it seems …
( Though it says October )