UR824 Cue Headphone Mixes

I’ve been playing around with the direct monitoring and Headphone mixes in cubase using the UR824. However it seams that that REVX can only be sent out one set of outputs. So if I’m doing a multitrack recording with two singers for instance and they both have separate headphone mixes, I can only send the Rev-x out one set of outputs to just one of the musicians. Is this the case? The description mentions the ability to do multiple cue mixes using the cubase control room and the onboard DSP but how do you send the revX to multiple musicians?

Hi Fantasion

You can have reverb on ALL of the 4 sets of outputs with the UR824. it is a bit fiddly and I struggled with it particularly the way it’s setup in Cubase(is that what you are using?) Studio is off atm so I can’t remember the details but it does work, give a little more detail on your setup and we should be able to help.

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Hi Dave,
Thanks for the reply. Setup is Mac 10.8.5, using Cubase 7.5.1 and the ur824. I have the control room activated with a couple of cue mixes set up. I have a pair of phones (cue mix 1) using the Mix 1 stereo output bus and then another pair (cue mix 2) using a Mix 2 stereo output bus. On the reverb routing page (below) if I checkmark Mix 1 the first pair hears the revX, if I put the check mark next to Mix2 I hear revX out of the second pair of phones but not the first. On this page it seems as if I’m only able to select one mix bus to send the rev x out. Maybe I’m fiddling with the wrong thing?…
Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 4.44.04 PM.png
thanks for your help!

I figured it out. I was just confused by the reverb routing page. The return can go to all 4 mix busses, it just the send source that the check mark relates too.

Hi Fantasiom

Exactly the problem I had, glad you sussed it

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Hey fantasiom - thanks for this post! I haven’t had my UR28M delivered yet, but I’ve been reading the manual trying to get prepared.

Maybe it’ll become more clear when I’ve got one in my hands but … I can’t understand how in your scenario if the check mark is next to mix 1 L/R, so that is what the send source is … how that helps the singer in studio 2 … wouldn’t they want their own mix 2 L/R as the send source to REV-X?

Thanks in advance if you can help me see that more clearly!

This is unfortunately a limitation of using the onboard DSP with direct monitoring. Basically only ONE mix is able to send to the rev-x. All the mixes have returns, so everyone can hear the reverb but only one person/mix can send to it. So in the case of two singers with two separate mixes, only one singer can send to the reverb. It’s quite an annoying limitation, when I first bought the unit I was under the impression that you could do FULL monitor mixes with the onboard DSP but this is not true. So if both singers want to hear themselves with reverb then you have to give them the same mix, otherwise don’t use direct monitoring and set your buffer to 128 and do everything in Cubase. At least this is my understanding from testing it with Cubase and the DSP mix software that came with it.

Thanks, Matt, good stuff to know.

Thanks for your post, it has taken me a few hours with reading the manual and experimenting to get my head wrapped around the routing. I too was under the impression there were separate headphone mixes with reverb. From my observation you can still have separate direct monitoring headphone send levels but the checkmark will choose what the master level send mix is from. In other words the send level of each input and master output of checked output is what will be sent to the reverb and intern to the other headphones reverb return level. They will still have independent dry levels.

For example say you have a guitar player and a vocalist on two separate headphones mixes if the the vocalist headphone mix is checked and they have themselves louder then the guitar player will hear more reverb of the vocalist because the reverb level is send pre send signal (regardless of prefacer post fader settings). The vocalists overall master output level in Cubase is going to affect how much feeds back into the other headphones. So if in the middle of tracking the vocalist says can you turn up my mix the guitar player will still have all the same dry or direct levels but his reverb will go up based on the balance of what is feeding the vocalist.

Hopefully that wasn’t too convoluted in how it works. This only applies to direct monitoring checked in the preferences from my experience. Otherwise as fantasiom already pointed out you could just do your reverb mix the way you would normally do it through Cubase and be dependent on the buffer setting for delay of the reverb.

I just stepped over this Topic, thanks to Alexis.

I am quite unsatisfied with my purchase of the UR824 - and because I already activated Cubase etc (it was a bundle with Cubase Full version) I can not send it back.

So it seems that it is at least possible to have “some” reverb on all Cue mixes… which is at least “something”. I was under the impression that only one mix can have the verb, like everyone of us was as well… Before my purchase I was under the impression I can route freely - like I am used to do this in all other applications or when using hardware etc…

Well and I have to mention that I was not aware of the fact “direct monitoring OR software monitoring”… too bad that I have not read the manual more carefully in advance of my purchase… Because now I can not use that Interface… It would work for me very well when I would be able to switch of that hardware-access in Cubase - allowing me to use the DSP Mixer for monitor mix - and using Cubase for additional software monitoring - I need to have Delay on the Leadvox (Live use, send to FOH) in certain parts (automatable in Cubase) and stuff like that, an Amp Sim (not the ones from the DSP) would be cool as well… You know, just the stuff I/we use day in day out…

I would go the SR route but unfortunately the latency is quite high… at 128 samples on my Macbook is is quite 2x or 3x as high as on my studio PC running an RME card…

Does someone has a clue what I am doing wrong here?

Would be more than fine for sending out Reverb/Delay but when I route my Kick or Snare drum to my in ear it sounds shitty with 15 ms delay… like playing flams all the time.

I regret that I had not just purchased the Cubase License separately in combination with a cheap presonus box… or that Focusrite Scarlett or something like that… no DSP here but I would be able to set up a nice monitoring via a Cuemix software - which will work independent of a Cubase project - adding some reverb and stuff using SM…